Custom Children’s Art for All Your Spaces
Decorate Your Home And Office … creatively

Jan Robinson’s 3-dimensional kids’ art is whimsical and charming.  Whether you are decorating a nursery, child’s room, office waiting room, or store area, Jan Robinson’s kids’ art runs the gamut from animal caricatures, storybook characters and theme park figures to posters, prints, wall hangings and murals.  Jan Robinson’s art captivates with artful characters and scenes that are not confined by the edges of a canvas.  With a colorful palette ranging from soft pastels to bold primary colors, Jan’s kids’ art transitions an ordinary room into a fun-filled fantasy.

How To Create A Magical Kid’s Room
The artwork is engaging with colors suitable to any nursery or child’s room. Color choices range from pinks, greens, light greens, oranges, blues and yellows.  The nursery and children’s room artwork includes caricatures of tigers, lions, elephants, hippos, giraffes and monkeys in fun-filled poses. Magically, the animals draw upon the viewer’s imagination!

Unique 3-Dimensional Characters
Jan’s kids’ art is not only wonderfully done but the features of the art are component parts, built one upon another, giving it a 3-dimensional look and a uniqueness not found in other presentations.  The artwork is mounted on a canvas that is edge-wrapped with coordinated ribbon, and is ready to be wall mounted in your favorite place.