How To Plan Your New Nursery

princess-nursery-decorDid you have a boy or a girl? Congratulations on your newborn! Planning and organizing your beautiful nursery for your new baby can seem overwhelming at first. With this handy systematic guide, you can have your nursery looking simply wonderful.

With the wide array of inspirational websites such as Pinterest, Project Nursery and other design blogs, there are magnificent ways to bring ideas on what styles, specific tastes and accessories that intrigue you. Another handy tip is to ask your friends what type of nursery worked best for them, and what they would have done differently if they were not satisfied with their results.

Plan the Layout

Make certain to measure the entire space. Importantly, you know how much space you have available for big furniture items.Pay close attention to the windows. You need to figure out how much natural light flows into the room in case in gets too warm or bright. In conclusion, you can adjust it accordingly with lamps if you need more light. Additionally, if you already know what furniture you may be purchasing, use the dimensions to draw out those shapes on graph paper (one ¼” square = 1”). Then, cut them out and then place on a piece of graph paper with the room outlined. Make sure where the doors and windows are located. You can alter the cutouts to decide what would be the best spot for each piece of furniture when decorating your nursery.

colorful nursery

Time Frame

You may think nine months may give you enough substantial time to plan and decorate your nursery, unforgettably time does fly, and early preparation is essential to creating an enchanting nursery. First, make a schedule of when you would like certain tasks to be completed. This is absolute so stress is excluded during the last weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately, most furniture pieces can take about 6-8 weeks for delivery. Furthermore, some nursery gliders may take up to 10 weeks.

Picking a Color Palette

Once you have enabled a theme to enkindle your nursery, then you need to integrate the colors and patterns and begin decorating your nursery. There are countless bedding options to choose from-deciding on the most desirable paint color for the nursery walls can be unpredictable. Once you have made a definite decision on bedding, try to get sample swatches of the fabrics. This technique helps you carry the swatches with you as you continue to shop for the nursery. Swatches are convenient because they help you establish the ideal paint color. For expecting moms, Lullaby Paints are a quintessential product. They are 100% organic and 100% chemical/ solvent free. Moreover, they offer sample sizes in 32 colors. If you cannot find the perfect color, they can acclimate any color you desire from a paint chip or a fabric swatch.

Create a Registry

Once you have confirmed the specifics for decorating your nursery, create a gift registry. This includes the basics and necessities, but multiple adornments as well. For the final addition, creating a registry allows your friends and family to see the colors and styles that you admire.


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