Go Wild with Zoo Themes for Kids Bedrooms

Go Wild with Zoo Themes for Kids Bedrooms

Zoo animals are one of those classic themes for a child’s bedroom and baby’s nursery. Kids of all ages, boys and girls, love zoo animals. If you wish to transform your child’s room into  a menagerie of wild things, then look no further than these great ideas.

Wall Murals

It takes but a drop of artistic talent to create a zoo themed wall mural in your child’s bedroom. Many home improvement stores carry kits for creating a wall scene that is inexpensive. Or, you can print out a design and create your own. Simply using a ruler and pencil to break down the dimensions into a grid. Transfer this grid, one square at a time, in pencil onto your wall and paint in the design. Consider monkeys, zebras, lions, tigers, and more for your illustration.

Terry Tyler TigerPaint Colors

Choose these carefully. With the bold colors associated with a zoo theme , the room can get dark. Because the key is to design a room that will last through the toddler years, stick with primary colors that kids enjoy and transition well from year to year.

Zoo Wallpaper Border

A cute idea but requires work to remove! Instead, think about animal and zoo decals that are life size.


Pick furniture that a child can grow with, instead of using one year and having to get rid of it the next. Convertible cribs that transform into a toddler or twin bed are ideal. For this theme, dark naturally stained woods work best for large furniture pieces, with fun colored personalized linens and whimsical fabrics used on accent pieces such as benches, chairs and toy boxes.


For a zoo bedroom theme, lighting is important beyond simply being a light source.  It adds ambiance and atmosphere.  Lamps, plug in night lights, and overhead lights such as figural fans and ceiling fixtures will add to the brightness of a nursery and child’s bedroom.  Lighting is the perfect opportunity to blend function with fun!

Toy Chests, Bookshelves and Storage

Toy chests and storage are another fabulous way to incorporate a zoo animal theme. Consider creating a “feeding chest” for the animals of the room by decorating a plain wooden toy chest. Or, decoupage a plastic storage bin (even the variety with drawers) using acrylic paint in bright colors. Bookshelves can be painted as well, and filled with zoo animal books of every kind.


What’s a zoo anyway without stuffed animals? A large oversized lion sitting on the floor will become an instant focal point and a head cushion for floor play The stuffed animals will help pull the theme together and create and warm, cuddly atmosphere.

One of the greatest things about childhood is imagination. Talk to your child about his or her wants in a bedroom. While some of their ideas may be incredibly off the wall, many can turn into realistic concepts with a bit of creativity.


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