How To Decorate Boys’ Rooms

How To Decorate Boys’ Rooms

Growing boys are full of energy, ideas, and playful curiosity, as they need spaces that reflect their frisky spirit while also providing a cozy, comforting place where they can relax and rest well. This playful relaxing place can be constructed into a place they can call their own. When it comes to designing your boy’s room, you set up rooms with what he loves to do and colors that energize him. You can select something such as a football,  soccer ball, and a basketball net. In addition, adorn the space with bedding and wall art that stimulate his senses.

Choosing a Theme

Whether its dinosaurs, monsters, dogs, football, or Harry Potter, your child’s favorite activities and pursuits, choose one thing such as a   picture or fabric pattern – to launch the central theme, and then go from there. If your child has a personal collection, this can inspire a creative formation for decorating- this would include a treasured object such as a   souvenir baseball. For example, you could start with a superhero wall mural, a sports car-theme rug or a soft comforter that leads you to pillows and a bookshelf in corresponding colors. A way to emphasize the theme would be to install collection displays, accessories, and art.

Adding accessories that propel your child’s imagination will make them feel right at home

Color and Pattern

Choosing and deciding on a color palette with your son, is exciting as your son may give you great ideas to implement. When choosing paint, remember that color on the wall always looks darker than it does on a paint chip. If your son picks a strong color, remember that using it on just one accent wall can add a lot of vibrant impression to the room without overpowering it. When it comes to patterns, a bold pattern can add a tremendous amount of charisma and extend themselves well to sheets, window panels, or accent pillows. In addition, do not forget about the benefits of white- its versatility, and makes spaces feel bigger and much brighter.

Playful Theme

Make It Flexible

As your child grows and changes, so will his activities and pursuits. Continue to plan and create a bedroom that will acclimate to his changing tastes. Importantly, seek out simple and classically styled furniture that serves as an aura to the theme. You can easily let the room come alive with elements that can be effortlessly upgraded over time: storage bins, lamps, pillows, bedding, window coverings, and wall decorations. Seek furniture pieces that serve many functions. For example, a modular shelving unit may hold his collection of books. Later on, this can be easily used to store DVDs. Interestingly; a convertible toddler bed can evolve into a headboard and foot-board.

Spice it Up

If you want to spice up the decor of your son’s room, here some innovative ways to make that happen. First,  solid furniture and simple layout to provide them enough space for playing and running. For adventurous little boys, space, cars, favorite action figures and  superheroes such as Spiderman can liven up their bedroom. Implementing curtains, linens and bed sheets having features of spiders, bats and others if your son likes the characters of Spiderman, batman and so on. Another creative way of spicing up your son’s room would be to use colors from the wardrobe of your boy’s favorite superhero. This would be the guiding colors for their bedroom decor.

Spiderman Theme

For all the boys who want to be athletes, of course they’re going to want a sport-themed room! A great place to start  is by  using sports lockers as a wardrobe and dressing table. Enormous  sports player wall murals is a grand touch. When it comes to a sports themed bedroom, you need to know which direction your little one wants to go. He  could dedicate an entire bedroom to baseball or football, or you can decorate with a wider scope by including all different types of sports.

Soccer theme-What a fun way to wake up in the mornings, by kicking a winning goal before the day starts!

The magic of the color blue.  Decorating your boy’s bedroom in various hues of blue offers a striking look and feel to the bedroom. You can create blue patterns on the wall or ceilings. Throwing down a simple blue rug or carpet can also do the look. Moreover, blue spreadsheets or curtains can also help you in completing this interesting blue theme for your boy’s bedroom.

Magic of Blue

Jungle or Safari look always fascinates young boys. To keep their fascination growing, decorate the room in a highly interesting Jungle theme. Start with covering the walls with colorful animal wallpapers. Furthermore, pillows and spreadsheets in leopard or zebra prints will offer a more realistic jungle feel to the room.

Jungle Theme

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