Large Artwork is a Winner!

My goal as a custom children’s fine artist is to bring color, fascination, and energy to your children’s rooms. Little ones get excited about the delightful colors in my artwork and exclaim “the bigger, the better”! Looking at gigantic pieces of art murals on walls has become the latest trend in home interiors. Importantly, my customers want big art to fill their spacious interiors. When people walk into your home, you want them to be intrigued by your individualistic style, which sparkles through your choice in decor.


With time on her hands, TERRY TYLER TIGER is charmed by Billy Bob Butterfly as he flies from flower to flower.
13 1/5 w X 12 1/2 h X 2d

Haley Holly Hippo

Peering over the fence, HALEY HOLLY HIPPO is in deep conversation with Barney Blane Bluebird. 14 1/2 w X 13h X 2d

I can create your favorite characters in a fantasy world that intrigues children of all ages and adds excitement to any child’s room. My other themes include outer space adventure, circus characters, military topics and more.  I can create an affordable, meaningful display for your children’s walls and imaginations.

In conclusion, large art murals add a little zest to the adventures of your life. Daring, big art is unexpectedly perfect in almost any space! If you have had a notion to go “large” with your wall art decor, go for it!


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Jan’s kids’ art transforms an ordinary room into a fun-filled fantasy!

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