Customizing Your Nursery Design

Customizing Your Nursery Design

These days you can revitalize anything in your home … from furniture to crown molding to bedding. When creating designs for nurseries and children’s rooms, flexibility and uniqueness are essential. You want to use lively details for decorating so that both you and your child can have fun!

If you have a newborn, your nursery decor should integrate major details that your little one will love later in life.

A unique style tip:  Add  trim to drapery, fabric and furniture. Trim can be added to a custom specific order design as well as store-bought items. Adding these fine details  to your nursery layouts or children’s room will create vigor and personality to your living  areas. Custom touches to your drapery treatments are simple to do, yet will  create a big impression.

Trim options for drapery treatments in your nursery or children’s room
When making a decision on your trim, select colors that express your child’s or baby’s gender.  A fun idea – have your little boy or girl pick the trim right at your side!

Everyone loves tassels! Both kids and adults love them. From school graduation caps to curtains, they are sure to please everyone. You can add tassels by fastening a tape trim with small repeating tassels, or use tiebacks for your curtains that have a massive tassel. These tassels can be either flashy or  modest, as you wish. Tassels come in neutral or multi-color borders. Tassel heads can have diverse details such as pearls, seashells, glass beads, et al. A wonderful style of trim for a little kid’s room would be a Pom Pom Trim!

Dressmaker Details
If you are thinking of  further enhancing your nursery curtains or upholstery pieces, then adding a dressmaker detail such as a checked ruffle would be a great idea.


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Jan’s kids’ art and animal characters transform an ordinary room into a fun-filled fantasy!






Go Wild with Zoo Themes for Kids Bedrooms

Go Wild with Zoo Themes for Kids Bedrooms

Zoo animals are one of those classic themes for a child’s bedroom and baby’s nursery. Kids of all ages, boys and girls, love zoo animals. If you wish to transform your child’s room into  a menagerie of wild things, then look no further than these great ideas.

Wall Murals

It takes but a drop of artistic talent to create a zoo themed wall mural in your child’s bedroom. Many home improvement stores carry kits for creating a wall scene that is inexpensive. Or, you can print out a design and create your own. Simply using a ruler and pencil to break down the dimensions into a grid. Transfer this grid, one square at a time, in pencil onto your wall and paint in the design. Consider monkeys, zebras, lions, tigers, and more for your illustration.

Terry Tyler TigerPaint Colors

Choose these carefully. With the bold colors associated with a zoo theme , the room can get dark. Because the key is to design a room that will last through the toddler years, stick with primary colors that kids enjoy and transition well from year to year.

Zoo Wallpaper Border

A cute idea but requires work to remove! Instead, think about animal and zoo decals that are life size.


Pick furniture that a child can grow with, instead of using one year and having to get rid of it the next. Convertible cribs that transform into a toddler or twin bed are ideal. For this theme, dark naturally stained woods work best for large furniture pieces, with fun colored personalized linens and whimsical fabrics used on accent pieces such as benches, chairs and toy boxes.


For a zoo bedroom theme, lighting is important beyond simply being a light source.  It adds ambiance and atmosphere.  Lamps, plug in night lights, and overhead lights such as figural fans and ceiling fixtures will add to the brightness of a nursery and child’s bedroom.  Lighting is the perfect opportunity to blend function with fun!

Toy Chests, Bookshelves and Storage

Toy chests and storage are another fabulous way to incorporate a zoo animal theme. Consider creating a “feeding chest” for the animals of the room by decorating a plain wooden toy chest. Or, decoupage a plastic storage bin (even the variety with drawers) using acrylic paint in bright colors. Bookshelves can be painted as well, and filled with zoo animal books of every kind.


What’s a zoo anyway without stuffed animals? A large oversized lion sitting on the floor will become an instant focal point and a head cushion for floor play The stuffed animals will help pull the theme together and create and warm, cuddly atmosphere.

One of the greatest things about childhood is imagination. Talk to your child about his or her wants in a bedroom. While some of their ideas may be incredibly off the wall, many can turn into realistic concepts with a bit of creativity.


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Jan’s kids’ art and animal characters transform an ordinary room into a fun-filled fantasy!

Children’s Decor Trends 2013

Children’s Decor Trends 2013

Playtime Paris

Playtime is a trade fair dedicated to high end children’s fashion, décor and maternity. It takes place twice a year in Paris and is one of the loveliest trade shows for children. The next US show will be in New York – March 9-11.

We were inspired by three main trends:

1. Vintage & romantic – Subtle, soft, muted tones of pink, green and orange and floral prints. Look out for musical stars and clouds, ultra soft bedding and funky prints and pretty patterns.

2. Black & white, mostly in the form of cushions.

3. Modern & bright – Neon colours and bright dots everywhere! Great dolls and cushions. This trend is very evident in kids fashion.


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Jan’s kids’ art transforms an ordinary room into a fun-filled fantasy!


Large Artwork is a Winner!

My goal as a custom children’s fine artist is to bring color, fascination, and energy to your children’s rooms. Little ones get excited about the delightful colors in my artwork and exclaim “the bigger, the better”! Looking at gigantic pieces of art murals on walls has become the latest trend in home interiors. Importantly, my customers want big art to fill their spacious interiors. When people walk into your home, you want them to be intrigued by your individualistic style, which sparkles through your choice in decor.


With time on her hands, TERRY TYLER TIGER is charmed by Billy Bob Butterfly as he flies from flower to flower.
13 1/5 w X 12 1/2 h X 2d

Haley Holly Hippo

Peering over the fence, HALEY HOLLY HIPPO is in deep conversation with Barney Blane Bluebird. 14 1/2 w X 13h X 2d

I can create your favorite characters in a fantasy world that intrigues children of all ages and adds excitement to any child’s room. My other themes include outer space adventure, circus characters, military topics and more.  I can create an affordable, meaningful display for your children’s walls and imaginations.

In conclusion, large art murals add a little zest to the adventures of your life. Daring, big art is unexpectedly perfect in almost any space! If you have had a notion to go “large” with your wall art decor, go for it!


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Jan’s kids’ art transforms an ordinary room into a fun-filled fantasy!

How To Plan Your New Nursery

princess-nursery-decorDid you have a boy or a girl? Congratulations on your newborn! Planning and organizing your beautiful nursery for your new baby can seem overwhelming at first. With this handy systematic guide, you can have your nursery looking simply wonderful.

With the wide array of inspirational websites such as Pinterest, Project Nursery and other design blogs, there are magnificent ways to bring ideas on what styles, specific tastes and accessories that intrigue you. Another handy tip is to ask your friends what type of nursery worked best for them, and what they would have done differently if they were not satisfied with their results.

Plan the Layout

Make certain to measure the entire space. Importantly, you know how much space you have available for big furniture items.Pay close attention to the windows. You need to figure out how much natural light flows into the room in case in gets too warm or bright. In conclusion, you can adjust it accordingly with lamps if you need more light. Additionally, if you already know what furniture you may be purchasing, use the dimensions to draw out those shapes on graph paper (one ¼” square = 1”). Then, cut them out and then place on a piece of graph paper with the room outlined. Make sure where the doors and windows are located. You can alter the cutouts to decide what would be the best spot for each piece of furniture when decorating your nursery.

colorful nursery

Time Frame

You may think nine months may give you enough substantial time to plan and decorate your nursery, unforgettably time does fly, and early preparation is essential to creating an enchanting nursery. First, make a schedule of when you would like certain tasks to be completed. This is absolute so stress is excluded during the last weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately, most furniture pieces can take about 6-8 weeks for delivery. Furthermore, some nursery gliders may take up to 10 weeks.

Picking a Color Palette

Once you have enabled a theme to enkindle your nursery, then you need to integrate the colors and patterns and begin decorating your nursery. There are countless bedding options to choose from-deciding on the most desirable paint color for the nursery walls can be unpredictable. Once you have made a definite decision on bedding, try to get sample swatches of the fabrics. This technique helps you carry the swatches with you as you continue to shop for the nursery. Swatches are convenient because they help you establish the ideal paint color. For expecting moms, Lullaby Paints are a quintessential product. They are 100% organic and 100% chemical/ solvent free. Moreover, they offer sample sizes in 32 colors. If you cannot find the perfect color, they can acclimate any color you desire from a paint chip or a fabric swatch.

Create a Registry

Once you have confirmed the specifics for decorating your nursery, create a gift registry. This includes the basics and necessities, but multiple adornments as well. For the final addition, creating a registry allows your friends and family to see the colors and styles that you admire.


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Suggestions For Decorating The Nursery

Suggestions For Decorating The Nursery

Planning and deciding on decorating a nursery for your newborn can be pretty overpowering at times. There is no need to fret, as pondering these useful tips from moms who have been there.

First, add something personal to the environment-colorful and family photos to the nursery walls adds stimulation to the baby’s senses. Newborns enjoy looking at different pictures near their changing tables. In addition, this also helps babies recognize proverbial faces. Look for something that will make the room look a little bigger and help utilize space more efficiently.

Second, pick an object of affection such as a piece of art, clothing, blanket, bedding, and then pull pigments from there! As a result, the nursery will look well composed. A piece of custom kids art makes a statement in the nursery.

Room ornamentation for nurseries are not just found in baby stores, as interesting pieces can be found at hip college kid type of stores. Superlatively, a comfortable rocking chair will make late nights and early mornings tolerable.

Start with the crib and start early! This is the focal point of most nurseries. A rule of thumb is never place a crib near a window. Once your little one can use all their strength to pull up on the crib, all your window treatments are fair game.

When it comes to lighting, make sure it is flexible. For example, sometimes you want it bright, and other times you want a softened light so you can check on your young ones without disturbing their beauty sleep.

A vital point to keeping your nursery stable and satisfying is organization. Storing miscellaneous items in storage components makes mothers less distressed after a hectic long night/day of a crying baby.

Babies grow so fast! As your toddler grows, devise decorating strategies according to your toddler’s age- plan a room that works for a one week old, a six month old, a one-year-old etc. Economically, you do not want to refurnish constantly, as this gets expensive!

The nursery should not be excluded as a separate component to the design schemes of your home. For instance, if you adore modern design then proceed with it. Never feel the need to fit some outmoded decorative patterns. Otherwise, your child may grow up to have lousy taste in home decor.

Lastly, keep your nursery simple and tidy. Your young ones love to play fun and games, and will eventually clutter up the space. Moms love using self-stick wall borders and murals as these are inexpensive and interchangeable, if your child would like something different later on.

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Jan’s kids’ art transforms an ordinary room into a fun-filled fantasy!


Great Ideas For Decorating Girls’ Rooms

All girls love to claim a bedroom that is uniquely hers. Her bedroom is a place she will love to spend quality time daydreaming, playing, resting, and being creative. Take decorating impulses from some of her favorite colors and themes, and the design framework shall flow smoothly. Her favorite colors and radiant accents will envelop the room with warmth and comfort.

Choosing A Color

Choosing colors is a great starting point for designing a girl’s bedroom, and the options are endless. From classic pinks to orange, gold or green, the colors you chose will make an impact in determining the room’s theme and style. To get inspired, look at patterns. If you find a patterned fabric, such as a window covering or an area rug you like, then take one or two colors from it and implement it throughout the room. Your daughter’s bedding is a great place to start for the most suitable wall color. You do not have to match the color exactly, just chose a lighter or darker tone that works well.

If you have already chosen a theme for her room, the color palette may flow from that. Maybe it is pink for a ballet theme, green for a garden theme, or blue and yellow for a beach theme. Once you have your overall palette of one or two colors, consider adding an accent color, perhaps in a complementary hue. High-contrast combinations like pink and green or purple and yellow add energy to a room. Employing the color white gives a gentle balance as a contrast to stronger colors and patterns.

Decorating with Various Themes

Decorating your girl’s bedroom can be quite an interesting and fascinating journey for both of you. You can peak into your daughter’s imagination and understand what her likes and dislikes are. There are literally boundless options for a theme to choose for her personal sanctuary.

One of the most inexpensive, easy and simple ideas is to decorate the bedroom with a flower theme. This theme is often employed as a beautiful airy fantasy-land. The best color to explore for the atmosphere is a mixture of soft pink with white or cream. The combination of this color is connected to the relaxed atmosphere. In addition, white can create a good mood and display a larger, airy look to the room. Furthermore, it is easy to create an impressive girl’s bedroom by using your current furniture and accessorize with a hint of red and shades of color she adores.

Girls love the color pink and the most common color for a girl’s bedroom is pink. Pink comes in various hues from the light, pastel ones to the darker ones such as fuchsia and hot pink. The color pink is associated with a fairy-tale land of a princess or Barbie. Your daughter needs a pc desk and a bookshelf system where she can store all her books, art projects, magazines and stuff. Additionally, shelves can store her toys, dolls, or collectibles. There are so many ways to adhere the color pink to your girl’s bedroom as bedroom accessories such as pillows, bolsters, carpet and the walls of your daughter’s bedroom.

Butterfly bedrooms are a distinctive way to brighten your daughter’s mood and motivation. Although they are especially cool decoration for a girls room. Walls, furniture, bedding, curtains, pillows, and many other things can be decorated with them. Give her a room full of paper butterflies that she can pretend to chase and catch. The furniture in the little girl’s bedroom should be white and clean looking. . To create the butterfly bedroom theme in the little girl’s bedroom you will first need to purchase some small, colorful butterflies that can be used for decor. You will also need some paint that will coordinate with the butterflies that you choose and with the bedding.


Girls especially enjoy a bedroom that expresses their love of animals. A favorite theme for a girl’s bedroom is horse decor. Many girls have dreams of riding horses and are fascinated with horses because they are tall, sleek, and magnificent animals. Girls can almost embrace the infinite freedom that comes from riding an animal so fast and powerful. Here are some tips to create a horse bedroom theme that will open her visions of riding horses endlessly into the sunset. The first thing to do, is to find some horse bedding to set the tone for your horse bedroom. If it’s a western theme you’re going for (think ranches, cowboys, wide open spaces, and wild mustangs). Secondly, if you’re going for more of a farm theme, chose painting the closet to look like a barn door. Pictures or blankets that show wide open spaces are also good decorating ideas.


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Jan’s kids’ art transforms an ordinary room into a fun-filled fantasy!

How To Decorate Boys’ Rooms

How To Decorate Boys’ Rooms

Growing boys are full of energy, ideas, and playful curiosity, as they need spaces that reflect their frisky spirit while also providing a cozy, comforting place where they can relax and rest well. This playful relaxing place can be constructed into a place they can call their own. When it comes to designing your boy’s room, you set up rooms with what he loves to do and colors that energize him. You can select something such as a football,  soccer ball, and a basketball net. In addition, adorn the space with bedding and wall art that stimulate his senses.

Choosing a Theme

Whether its dinosaurs, monsters, dogs, football, or Harry Potter, your child’s favorite activities and pursuits, choose one thing such as a   picture or fabric pattern – to launch the central theme, and then go from there. If your child has a personal collection, this can inspire a creative formation for decorating- this would include a treasured object such as a   souvenir baseball. For example, you could start with a superhero wall mural, a sports car-theme rug or a soft comforter that leads you to pillows and a bookshelf in corresponding colors. A way to emphasize the theme would be to install collection displays, accessories, and art.

Adding accessories that propel your child’s imagination will make them feel right at home

Color and Pattern

Choosing and deciding on a color palette with your son, is exciting as your son may give you great ideas to implement. When choosing paint, remember that color on the wall always looks darker than it does on a paint chip. If your son picks a strong color, remember that using it on just one accent wall can add a lot of vibrant impression to the room without overpowering it. When it comes to patterns, a bold pattern can add a tremendous amount of charisma and extend themselves well to sheets, window panels, or accent pillows. In addition, do not forget about the benefits of white- its versatility, and makes spaces feel bigger and much brighter.

Playful Theme

Make It Flexible

As your child grows and changes, so will his activities and pursuits. Continue to plan and create a bedroom that will acclimate to his changing tastes. Importantly, seek out simple and classically styled furniture that serves as an aura to the theme. You can easily let the room come alive with elements that can be effortlessly upgraded over time: storage bins, lamps, pillows, bedding, window coverings, and wall decorations. Seek furniture pieces that serve many functions. For example, a modular shelving unit may hold his collection of books. Later on, this can be easily used to store DVDs. Interestingly; a convertible toddler bed can evolve into a headboard and foot-board.

Spice it Up

If you want to spice up the decor of your son’s room, here some innovative ways to make that happen. First,  solid furniture and simple layout to provide them enough space for playing and running. For adventurous little boys, space, cars, favorite action figures and  superheroes such as Spiderman can liven up their bedroom. Implementing curtains, linens and bed sheets having features of spiders, bats and others if your son likes the characters of Spiderman, batman and so on. Another creative way of spicing up your son’s room would be to use colors from the wardrobe of your boy’s favorite superhero. This would be the guiding colors for their bedroom decor.

Spiderman Theme

For all the boys who want to be athletes, of course they’re going to want a sport-themed room! A great place to start  is by  using sports lockers as a wardrobe and dressing table. Enormous  sports player wall murals is a grand touch. When it comes to a sports themed bedroom, you need to know which direction your little one wants to go. He  could dedicate an entire bedroom to baseball or football, or you can decorate with a wider scope by including all different types of sports.

Soccer theme-What a fun way to wake up in the mornings, by kicking a winning goal before the day starts!

The magic of the color blue.  Decorating your boy’s bedroom in various hues of blue offers a striking look and feel to the bedroom. You can create blue patterns on the wall or ceilings. Throwing down a simple blue rug or carpet can also do the look. Moreover, blue spreadsheets or curtains can also help you in completing this interesting blue theme for your boy’s bedroom.

Magic of Blue

Jungle or Safari look always fascinates young boys. To keep their fascination growing, decorate the room in a highly interesting Jungle theme. Start with covering the walls with colorful animal wallpapers. Furthermore, pillows and spreadsheets in leopard or zebra prints will offer a more realistic jungle feel to the room.

Jungle Theme

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