Customizing Your Nursery Design

Customizing Your Nursery Design

These days you can revitalize anything in your home … from furniture to crown molding to bedding. When creating designs for nurseries and children’s rooms, flexibility and uniqueness are essential. You want to use lively details for decorating so that both you and your child can have fun!

If you have a newborn, your nursery decor should integrate major details that your little one will love later in life.

A unique style tip:  Add  trim to drapery, fabric and furniture. Trim can be added to a custom specific order design as well as store-bought items. Adding these fine details  to your nursery layouts or children’s room will create vigor and personality to your living  areas. Custom touches to your drapery treatments are simple to do, yet will  create a big impression.

Trim options for drapery treatments in your nursery or children’s room
When making a decision on your trim, select colors that express your child’s or baby’s gender.  A fun idea – have your little boy or girl pick the trim right at your side!

Everyone loves tassels! Both kids and adults love them. From school graduation caps to curtains, they are sure to please everyone. You can add tassels by fastening a tape trim with small repeating tassels, or use tiebacks for your curtains that have a massive tassel. These tassels can be either flashy or  modest, as you wish. Tassels come in neutral or multi-color borders. Tassel heads can have diverse details such as pearls, seashells, glass beads, et al. A wonderful style of trim for a little kid’s room would be a Pom Pom Trim!

Dressmaker Details
If you are thinking of  further enhancing your nursery curtains or upholstery pieces, then adding a dressmaker detail such as a checked ruffle would be a great idea.


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