Design Process

Jan’s fun and fresh characters are developed by creating individual features and shapes using MDF board.  Every part, regardless of size, whether it be the face, eyes or the mouth, leaves or fence, etc., is cut, hand sanded, hand painted.  The colors are carefully chosen to attract the young viewer.   The paints are safe, mercury free and water based.

The careful and detailed assembly of the individual parts are artistically placed to encourage interest and interaction with the artwork.  Layering of the parts on angles and projecting the main parts forward from the background enhances a captivating 3- dimensional character.  Extending the artwork outside the perimeter of the background further adds to the truly unique and engaging  artwork not found in other presentations

The artwork is mounted on a matching or complimentary colored background board or canvas that is edge-wrapped with coordinated ribbon showing off their delightful personalities and ready to hang in your favorite space.

Jan pays as much attention to detail and execution of the animal characters,  regardless of time, as she would to a serious oil painting or sculpture. The dedication of the artwork is to delight a child’s eye and bring a smile to his or her small world.

The computer may alter the colors on your screen so that there may be minor changes in the color appearance. Although we strive to make each piece exactly as you see it, there may be slight variations since every piece is individually hand painted and assembled.