Great Ideas For Decorating Girls’ Rooms

All girls love to claim a bedroom that is uniquely hers. Her bedroom is a place she will love to spend quality time daydreaming, playing, resting, and being creative. Take decorating impulses from some of her favorite colors and themes, and the design framework shall flow smoothly. Her favorite colors and radiant accents will envelop the room with warmth and comfort.

Choosing A Color

Choosing colors is a great starting point for designing a girl’s bedroom, and the options are endless. From classic pinks to orange, gold or green, the colors you chose will make an impact in determining the room’s theme and style. To get inspired, look at patterns. If you find a patterned fabric, such as a window covering or an area rug you like, then take one or two colors from it and implement it throughout the room. Your daughter’s bedding is a great place to start for the most suitable wall color. You do not have to match the color exactly, just chose a lighter or darker tone that works well.

If you have already chosen a theme for her room, the color palette may flow from that. Maybe it is pink for a ballet theme, green for a garden theme, or blue and yellow for a beach theme. Once you have your overall palette of one or two colors, consider adding an accent color, perhaps in a complementary hue. High-contrast combinations like pink and green or purple and yellow add energy to a room. Employing the color white gives a gentle balance as a contrast to stronger colors and patterns.

Decorating with Various Themes

Decorating your girl’s bedroom can be quite an interesting and fascinating journey for both of you. You can peak into your daughter’s imagination and understand what her likes and dislikes are. There are literally boundless options for a theme to choose for her personal sanctuary.

One of the most inexpensive, easy and simple ideas is to decorate the bedroom with a flower theme. This theme is often employed as a beautiful airy fantasy-land. The best color to explore for the atmosphere is a mixture of soft pink with white or cream. The combination of this color is connected to the relaxed atmosphere. In addition, white can create a good mood and display a larger, airy look to the room. Furthermore, it is easy to create an impressive girl’s bedroom by using your current furniture and accessorize with a hint of red and shades of color she adores.

Girls love the color pink and the most common color for a girl’s bedroom is pink. Pink comes in various hues from the light, pastel ones to the darker ones such as fuchsia and hot pink. The color pink is associated with a fairy-tale land of a princess or Barbie. Your daughter needs a pc desk and a bookshelf system where she can store all her books, art projects, magazines and stuff. Additionally, shelves can store her toys, dolls, or collectibles. There are so many ways to adhere the color pink to your girl’s bedroom as bedroom accessories such as pillows, bolsters, carpet and the walls of your daughter’s bedroom.

Butterfly bedrooms are a distinctive way to brighten your daughter’s mood and motivation. Although they are especially cool decoration for a girls room. Walls, furniture, bedding, curtains, pillows, and many other things can be decorated with them. Give her a room full of paper butterflies that she can pretend to chase and catch. The furniture in the little girl’s bedroom should be white and clean looking. . To create the butterfly bedroom theme in the little girl’s bedroom you will first need to purchase some small, colorful butterflies that can be used for decor. You will also need some paint that will coordinate with the butterflies that you choose and with the bedding.


Girls especially enjoy a bedroom that expresses their love of animals. A favorite theme for a girl’s bedroom is horse decor. Many girls have dreams of riding horses and are fascinated with horses because they are tall, sleek, and magnificent animals. Girls can almost embrace the infinite freedom that comes from riding an animal so fast and powerful. Here are some tips to create a horse bedroom theme that will open her visions of riding horses endlessly into the sunset. The first thing to do, is to find some horse bedding to set the tone for your horse bedroom. If it’s a western theme you’re going for (think ranches, cowboys, wide open spaces, and wild mustangs). Secondly, if you’re going for more of a farm theme, chose painting the closet to look like a barn door. Pictures or blankets that show wide open spaces are also good decorating ideas.


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