Terry Tyler Tiger, Larry Lee Lion, Harry Hippo and Marcie McMonkey are four fence friends who meet daily to look out over their fence and become your friend. Both soft and bold colors are visually appealing to children, challenge imagination and enhance the decor of any child’s room! Each of the Fence Friends are also available as a solo creation in varied colors of yellow, blues, greens and peaches. Your choice for your decor!
Dimensions: 44w X 11h X 3d



Eye-catching with an elongated neck, GARY GERRY GIRAFFE is talking to his friend Rebecca Redbird by the fence.
10w X 27h X 2d

Peering over the fence, HALEY HOLLY HIPPO is in deep conversation with Barney Blane Bluebird.
14 1/2 w X 13h X 2d

With time on her hands, TERRY TYLER TIGER is charmed by Billy Bob Butterfly as he flies from flower to flower.
13 1/5 w X 12 1/2 h X 2d


For LARRY LEE LION it is all about trying to decide why Lynn Lee Ladybug has landed on his paw. Is she interested in becoming friends? 14w X 14 h X 1 3/4 d

When time allows, MARCY MCMONKEY picks the garden flowers to share with her fence friends. 14 1/2 w X 13 h X 1 3/4 d

Cuddly and cute, MARTY MCMONKEY is bringing a bunch of balloons to an afternoon party with friends.
14 w X 16h X 1 3/4 d



13 1/2w X 25h X 2d

CASPER CUB LION has already put on his bib while waiting for dinner!
15 1/2 w X 16 1/2n X 2 1/2 h


MISS ELLIE PHANT wearing a tutu and ballet slippers is daintily dancing upon her toes. 10w X 31h X 2 1/2 d

TANYA TUTU CUTE is dancing under the stars while dreaming of being a real ballerina one day. 10w X 31h X 2d


TANYA TUTU CUTE (a moonless night) is dancing under the stars while dreaming of being a real ballerina one day.
10w X 31h X 2d

I can create your favorite characters in a fantasy world that intrigues children of all ages and adds excitement to any child’s room.
Other themes include outer space adventure, circus characters, military topics and more.