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“I would like to fully endorse Jan Robinson’s 3-D Custom Kids Wall Art!  We have two in our home and I love the unique nature how Jan created each piece. With today’s world of automation and corporate influence, it’s easy for many art pieces to be created perfect simultaneously; however, perfect and unique are two different things.  I love knowing that Jan’s creativity starts with her own imagination and through the simple human nature of cutting, painting, and gluing the pieces together – she finishes with a unique piece of children’s art for every child.  In addition, the colors, characters, and the three dimensional perspective make for a fun.”
– Ryan Hunter

“WOW! is an understatement for how FUN and CREATIVE Jan Robinson’s children’s work of art really is. I have two very unique pieces of her 3D artwork in my kids’ bedrooms. My two year old son has a lion sitting in tall grass with three very colorful birds looking at him. The details Jan put into the lion’s mane and face make him fun for my son to look at. My favorite parts of this masterpiece are the three birds. I LOVE how they’re looking at the lion sitting on a branch that hangs off the canvas. The bright colors and the way they look at him create a sense of humor that I adore. They tie the piece in nicely giving it that 3D look.

The masterpiece that hangs in my five year old’s room depicts a Star Wars theme. Jan made handmade cut-outs of Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader complete with light sabers. The canvas is beautifully painted in colors that conjure thoughts of space with the added bonus of planet cut-outs glued on it. My favorite parts of this masterpiece are the rockets and spaceships she made from everyday materials such as dry erase markers, cottonballs, and plastic containers. These rockets and spaceships surround the canvas tying the whole battle scene together remarkably.

I am the first one to proudly show off these masterpieces to all who come visit. I hear the same reactions without fail from kids and adults alike, “WOW! That is fantastic! How creative! What fun for your kids to have those in their rooms! She is very talented! She must’ve put in a lot of time and hard work! Awesome!”

I highly recommend buying a masterpiece from Jan Robinson. You will not be disappointed and be prepared to be in awe of such enormous creativity. Signed one EXTREMELY happy customer!”
– Renee Hunter